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Across the world, banks and their customers fund fossil fuel industries and contribute to deforestation, funding over $2.7trillion and $44 billion respectively [source]. With more than two thirds of people in the UK want faster action on climate change [source], there is an opportunity for individuals to make substantial change.

AccountAbility is a campaign that aims to raise awareness of high street banks investments into fossil fuels and encourage people to switch their banks. The campaign emphasises that anyone has the ability to make a difference to the climate crisis by holding their banks to account.

The campaign website is a hub that all social media and/or promotional items would direct to. The viewer is given factsand figures, an action to take a pledge, and is offered help guides that would allow them to swap banks or take action. The campaign places emphasis on the climate without beingover the top, it is encouraging and approachable. It utilisesthe desire for ethical practices and a brighter future.