Sutherland Ales

Branding | Packaging | Stationary

Sutherland Ales is a premium, small-batch craft brewery based in Lochinver, Sutherland. The brief was to produce the branding identity and labels for their launch. It was to appeal to middle to upper-class males with a love of the outdoors and pride in quality and curiosity.

The solution produced highlights unity, curiosity and quality. The logo solution features a stevedore knot, which is used to prevent the ends of a rope from fraying. This highlights how the solution aims to link man back to the outdoors, while also showing how beer and Sutherland Ales wants to link communities and people together.

Each label features a collage of a location in Sutherland which was chosen to convey the feelings and tasting notes of each beer. Using real locations gives the chance for the more curious drinker to research, find out more, or even visit the area.